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Big Love and the Changing Climate

I recently had the pleasure of painting live at the Great Big Love Concert by Michael Levy. Click on the painting above to see the large square version of "Big Love and the Changing Climate." It is 20" x 20"  acrylic on linen. I'm offering it at an introductory price of $450.  

Half of the proceeds will go towards producing Michael's new CD, "Great Big Love."  Click here for some samples.  I particularly enjoy, "Australopithecus."  If you want to contribute directly towards his CD, click here.

Michael is passionate about engaging and empowering people on climate change, one of the most crucial challenges in the history of our species. "Just because we are in a time of global crisis doesn’t mean we should stop singing."

The other half of the proceeds will go towards: 

“The Curious End to the War Against Ourselves.” 

This will be the title of the 144 foot linen Scroll that I and the public will paint and draw on at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July.  Participants will listen to a guided art making meditation as they express themselves on the scroll.

I was reported to be a calm within the storm when I painted en plein-air at both the political conventions in 2012.  

This year I’m on a pilgrimage in search of a way for us to find relaxation in the midst of frenzy, to make friends with our inner critics and to open our hearts towards those whom we judge.  

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