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Creative Witness Project

The Creative Witness is somebody who makes art on site at events or locations in which destruction is present or which art making is unexpected.

Creative witnessing is a powerful activity on a number of levels: 

  • The Creative Witness chronicles events through his or her creative lens thus showing onlookers the power of seeing things differently. 
  • The making of art is happening in the moment thereby inspiring spectators on the power of the creative process. 
  • Art making can be a calming activity and this can allow for discourse which is more thoughtful and less reactive then typical found in protest environments. 
  • Public art making can inspire more people to make art.

The Creative Witness can:

Honor and soothe those who have been struck by unfathomable violence,

Awaken those who are entranced by the gifts of our economy and yet are unaware of it is destructive qualities.

Build solidarity with those who can see through the fog of our collective cognitive dissonance.

Artwork Pager

Artwork Pager

Artwork Pager