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Reflections on Undoing: Artists Residency at MAH

In this day-long artist residency at MAH on 9/3/2011, I collaborated with collage artist Lisa Hochstein, the visiting public and dance improvisers to create a community dance work which I painted live in the museum atrium. Throughout the day, Hochstein tore paper which, in turn, and created a soundscape for this non-verbal event.

See the video:  How to Move to Visual Art below.

"...Such discoveries and sensuous delight moving in the paper. Resistance, binding, tension, so many internal stories. And the sound the paper made....I loved your upstairs meditation and moving down the stairs. Would love to play more with that. It was so gratifying to look up occasionally to take in you painting, and Lisa tearing paper. Thanks for the rich experience to collaborate with you all!"   Mary Gavin

The ideal condition for my creative process is when all of us are deeply present and thus are aware of the sensations we feel inside and attuned to one another and all the qualities in our environment.    By asking viewers to move to visual art, I hoped to create a field which is both kinetic and immediate so that I may go even further into my creative process.  That is exactly what happened.

See our post on audience participation in the MAH Blog.


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