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Temple of Sapienism

We pray to you, Sapien
for you, our Lord, have created us; your children, your trash
If it wasn’t for your propensity for having more and better and newer
we who are your refuse and refuge
would not exist.

Installation of 5 abstract figurative found object sculptures with found object scroll. 

We Sapiens did a great job beating out the Neanderthals!*  They can’t make fictions that unite billions of people, but we can.  Our religions, corporations, nation-states and economic systems are good examples of the fictions which we use to dominate other species, our planet and each other.

As I culled through the dump, I was held captive by the brands and products of our most powerful fiction which we live and die by, capitalism!  I didn’t expect we would be worshiped by the trash.  Honestly, the creatures from the dump tried their best to get me to make them in Sapiens’ image.  I did what I could.

Remotes, wires, insides of keyboards make up the Sapien Scroll.

Most of us know that this fiction that we live by - where we consume and throw away so much- is not sustainable. But we always have our Sapien gift of fiction making.  Let’s change the ending to this story.

*Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind,” by Yuval Noah Harari

Oh Powerful Sapien, you mine us from the earth, you make us, price us, and sell us, buy us and throw us away.
You bring us to the other world--the dump--where we become trash and are blessed to truly worship your greatness.
You make us immortal.
You care more about us than you care for yourself, your fellow beings or your planet.
You are our life blood. Our savior.
More, Better, Newer, Sapien!
More, Better, Newer, Sapien!

Trash Sapien viewing The Pilgrimage of Plastic Perplexity video 

The pilgrimage of a plastic creature in search of solace as viewed by a worshiper. 

I found got, video art  and sculpture installation, Temple of Sapiens 

And the records of the second Pilgrimage of the Prophet Remote is available to those who come to the Temple of Sapienism.

Thank you Santa Cruz Artists Recycling Program S.C.R.A.P. for offering the residency that spawned The Temple of Sapienism.


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