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What's Home?

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What's Home? Creative Listening Across Differences

Is a documentary film series in which thirteen Santa Cruz based visual artists, theater artists, choreographers, writers and musicians each collaborated with both an un-housed and a housed person to make new art. 

  • What is home to you? 
  • What’s your story of home?
  • How has it been for you in this housing crisis?
  • What do you wish for yourself and all people?

These are the kind of questions that artists explored with their housed and unhoused participants.

Imagine listening to a new song, which combines two intertwining melodies, reflecting a conversation between a person who lives in a stable household with privacy and another who doesn’t have this kind of shelter/security?

Or consider viewing a new art work with poetic narrative made from materials found in each of the un-housed and housed person’s living situations. 

The project is designed to create an open-minded atmosphere of cooperation between those of us without homes and those of us who have reliable housing, so that we can address our mutual needs for well being, dignity and safety.

What’s Home?  Creative Listening Across Differences is part of the City Arts Design Recovery (CARD) Pilot Grant Program. 


Artwork Pager

Artwork Pager

Artwork Pager