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A Compassionate Conversation with a Latino for Trump

When I spoke with Marco Gutierrez and engaged him on getting calm and curious as he painted and drew on the scroll, I didn't know that he was the co-founder of Latinos for Trump who would later make the news.  

"My culture is a very dominant culture, and it's imposing - and it's causing problems," he told Joy Ann Reid of MSNBC yesterday.  "if you don't do something about it, your going to have taco trucks on every corner."

What I do know is that Marco took the risk of painting on the scroll, even though, as he told me, "I've never made art before."  He fully engaged by painting the rhythm, color and expression of both his calm and his judgments.  He was generous in his conversation with me, sharing personal stories and giving honest impressions of his experience with the guided art meditation.  I felt connected to the man.  

Marco Gutierrez reflects on the guided art making meditation- The Curious End to the War Against Ourselves at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland

It pained me when I read about his comment. And it pained me just as much when I read some of the reactions to it. I do see immigrants as more of an asset to our culture and country than a deficit.  I feel it is unhelpful and hypocritical to talk down to Trump supporters and more helpful to get to know them.  We probably won't change each other's opinions but we can experience meaningful connection.  










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