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Artists Everywhere Project

Imagine everyone making art everywhere...
The Artists Everywhere Project holds out the possibility that someday the making of art will be as popular as the playing of sports.

The mission of the Artists Everywhere Project is to inspire artists to make art in unlikely public venues so that more people can be delighted in the making of art and be enticed to make art themselves.  

The Artists Everywhere Project also encourages institutions of all kinds to place artists in their facilities by assisting them to set up artists residencies.  The intention is that there be an artist making art in as many places as possible, such as banks, supermarkets, gas stations, corporations, schools, churches and sporting events. 

“Out of your studios and into the streets!”

I say to all artists “Out of your studios and into the streets!”

I paint mostly on site and I am working to inspire artists everywhere to create work out of their studios and in the public sphere.

To make art is to increase sensory awareness and to innovate. To take the time to look, to empathize with a subject in all of its complexity and filter it through the act of making is a remarkable feat.  When this process is made public, people can be sensitized in new ways and more people will be inspired to make art.

When more and more people make art, the world becomes a safe place for all kinds of expression and receptivity. 

Photos by Melissa Schott and Scotty Brookie.

Benefits of the Artists Everywhere Project


Artwork Pager

Artwork Pager

Artwork Pager