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Interactive Art Dance Altar

Hundreds of people created a dance painting together!

At a New Years Event in 2009/10, "Timbavati" Where a shooting star lands, I set up twenty or so pieces of paper so that participants can move between dancing and drawing and painting at the same time.  Because the night was to be a magic carpet ride with different experiences at each stop, I created four layers, each using different art supplies. 

Here's what I told the participants:

We are creating a dance painting together. 

Please join in and dance your experience along the wall of paper.  

  • Allow your marks and gestures to expand along many sheets of paper.  It is fine to cover over other’s expressions.  Feel free to use your nose or ear or elbows in addition to your hands.
  • After Qi Gong you will be given either charcoal, erasers or water to spread along the sheets of paper.
  • After the band Yum plays, you will be given green ivy soaked in alcohol or roasted yellow beets to dance your bliss on the many sheets of paper.
  • After the Kundalini Ritual you will be given roasted red beets.
  • After Tantra you will be given either blue paint or chalk.
  • Finally after midnight we will be sealing the expression with semi transparent acrylic polymer

Photos by Ed Dickie

Artwork Pager

Artwork Pager

Artwork Pager