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The Sapiens

remote trash creature loves the TVs

What if our trash woke up and found out that we are the creators of trash?

What if our trash experienced us Sapiens as gods and worshiped us?  

What if our trash found out that we are on a path to our own self destruction?

Can trash creatures (puppets) joyfully wake us up?

Can our trash move us from worshiping things and egos to caring for each other and our planet? 

The Sapiens will be a community project and mostly unscripted episodic reality TV show/ documentary that is directed towards joyful sustainability.

First we will make a small proof of concept project/film:   

An artist will meet a conservative leaning family at the landfill and make a puppet from their trash.  A couple of weeks later the jibberish speaking puppet (with puppeteer) will spend an afternoon with the family.  The family will be encouraged to try to figure out what the trash is trying to communicate.  The trash puppet will love their gods, the family while discovering as much potential in the family's trash and carbon waste.  The subtitle text for the puppets will be derived in part from community film screenings.

Then we will make the larger project/movie:

How can we learn to work together across our political divide to mitigate the cascading climate crisis? 

Jibberish speaking trash creatures (puppets) move into two households on opposite ends of the political spectrum. Their mission is to love their gods and be curious so as to learn all about their gods,The Sapiens.

The households and communities will be encouraged to listen carefully to whatever they perceive the trash puppets are communicating.  The puppets, puppeteers and film crew will be with each family for 7 days and will go to school, work, church and do whatever the family does.  

“Is there anything more dangerous than dissatisfied and irresponsible gods who don’t know what they want?” ― Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

When the trash puppets learn that their gods, The Sapiens are on a path to extinction because of trash, they have a conundrum on their hands!  How does trash communicate to the blindered but Holy Sapiens that life as they know it is about to end?   Given the need for the Sapien gods to consume a lot less trash, to stop trashing the earth, to stop killing off species every day, stop diminishing forests and stop sending trash toxins into the atmosphere, are the trash creatures willing to sacrifice themselves for their Sapien gods?  Are Sapiens redeemable? 

About two thirds into the story the two households with their cadre of trash puppets will meet.  The puppets will gather together and consider the above questions while the families will share stories about what their experience has been so far.

This proof of concept film and project is currently in the development phase. I am looking for a co-producer and other collaborators and investors.


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